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Recent Texas Observer News Story Spotlights Attorney Roberto M. Garcia’s Work

“CBP’s internal affairs office had built a file on Peña with allegations that included displaying a “lack of candor” — federal law enforcement parlance for not fully disclosing the truth — and for “harbor[ing] a UDA,” an undocumented alien, who happened to be his wife, a Mexican citizen. A CBP[…]

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Reinstated With Back Pay And Benefits

A Rio Grande Valley Sector Supervisory Border Patrol Agent was removed from Federal Service for events surrounding an encounter with a non-cooperative undocumented alien resisting apprehension. The Agent was removed based on two charges of misconduct: Failure to Follow the Use of Force Policy; and Failure to be Forthright. The[…]

The Basics of Garrity Rights

Garrity Rights protect public employees from being compelled to incriminate themselves during investigatory interviews conducted by their employers. This protection stems from the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which declares that the government cannot compel a person to be a witness against him/herself. Garrity Rights originate from a[…]