Border Patrol Agent Proposed for Removal, Reinstated to Former Duties

A Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Agent (the “Agent”) was proposed to be removed (terminated) from Federal Service for events arising out a traffic stop and the issuance of a citation. Allegations of unbecoming conduct towards another law enforcement officer, misuse of position, and failure to be forthcoming during an[…]

Use of X-Ray Equipment Can Possibly Lead to Cancer

Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Agents may be at risk! Recently, it has been reported that Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Agents are getting cancer possibly as a result of working with certain radiation devices. There are Border Patrol Agents affected, see here. We currently are working on two cases of[…]

Public Corruption Investigations Training Program Presentation

Attorney Roberto M. Garcia was invited to speak and present at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy, Course No. PCITP 1701, in San Antonio, Texas. The course is designed for federal, state, local, and military IG investigators, as well as OIG counsel and others who support[…]

CBP Automotive Mechanic Leader Removal Reduced to a Suspension

A Laredo Sector CBP Automotive Mechanic Leader was proposed to be removed from Federal Service for events surrounding an allegation of misusing a supervisor’s signature on certain forms. Specifically, the employee was proposed for removal based on the following two charges: Improper Use of Signature of Another on an Official[…]